Otoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the outer ear (pinna) and can be either a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Otoplastic techniques are used to correct, reconstruct or replace a deformed, defective or missing pinna. While it is commonly performed during childhood, it can be done on patients of any age. Correcting large, protruding ears can make a significant difference in one’s self-confidence. Ears which are placed flat alongside the head can give your face a completely different appearance. In the following menu you can find more information on ear remodelling. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us.


During a first non-committal consultation, Dr. Fantozzi will discuss all the different aspects of ear remodeling. He will discuss your aesthetic wishes and subsequently advise you which method of treatment will let you meet those wishes in the best way possible. Furthermore you will be informed on the results you may expect, possible downtime and temporary limitations after the surgery. You can rest assured that you will always receive honest and professional advice during this consultation.


Ear remodeling is a relatively easy procedure and can be performed completely safely by Dr. Fantozzi and his highly-qualified team. Complications afterwards rarely occur. The surgical incision is usually made in an inconspicuous location behind the ear, so the thin scar will be barely noticeable. Dr. Fantozzi then adjusts the position of the ear and removes unwanted cartilage. The surgery usually performed under local anesthesia, and lasts about one hour.


During a non-committal consultation, Dr. Fantozzi will inform you on the expected downtime and possible temporary limitations after the ear correction. To secure the quality and results of the surgery, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up following the procedure. An after-treatment course is usually not necessary, since the results are permanent.

Total Packages for our International Clients

Clinic Fantozzi has a couple of focus points, amongst which is offering optimal service. This also goes for the total packages we offer to our international clients. With these packages we will arrange your stay in Rome from flight to hotel and of course the surgery itself. We deem it of utmost importance that we can meet your every need and that you can undergo your surgery as carefree as possible. On this page you can find more information about all the services which are included in our total packages. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to reserve a total package, please contact us.

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