Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure which was especially designed to treat women with large breasts. Women with this condition can suffer from a variety of problems, including back and neck pain, breathing problems and skin irritation. In these cases, breast reduction can bring significant relief. In the following menu you can find more information on breast reduction. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us.


A first consultation is very important when it comes to breast reduction surgery, since this a very comprehensive procedure. Dr. Fantozzi will discuss your expectations and aesthetic wishes and will inform you on all the different possibilities with regards to surgery techniques. It is important to keep in mind that a first requirement for breast reduction is that the breasts are fully developed. During this non-committal consultation it can also be determined which extent of tissue removal will meet your aesthetic wishes. By making use of the unique anthropometric techniques that were developed by Dr. Fantozzi himself, this can even be scientifically calculated. This technique involves measuring the distance between the breasts and other parts of the body, through which perfect harmony can be reached. Furthermore you will be informed on the results you may expect, possible downtime and temporary limitations after the surgery. You can rest assured that you will always receive honest and professional advice during this consultation.


During the surgery, Dr. Fantozzi will remove excess skin, mammary tissue and fat from the breasts. If necessary, the nipples will also be repositioned and reshaped. Because the surgery will change the shape of the breasts, this could also be combined with breast lifting in order to further enhance the results of your surgery. There are different methods for doing this. Over the past few years, there have been many new techniques developed for breast reduction that create less scarring and promote faster recovery. It is however important to realize that even with those techniques, some visible scarring will occur. Dr. Fantozzi will work closely with you to determine which method will give you the best possible results and will make sure to reduce the scarring to a minimum. Even though there are different factors which can influence the shape of your breasts after surgery (think of big differences in weight, gravity and hormonal fluctuations), you can expect a permanent effect of your breast reduction surgery. Regardless of the extent of your breast reduction surgery, you can rest assured that Dr. Fantozzi and his highly-skilled team will make no concessions when it comes to the quality and safety of the procedure. Breast reduction surgery involves light anesthesia and takes about two hours.


During the consultation Dr. Fantozzi will inform you on the expected down-time and temporary limitations after a breast reduction procedure. To secure the quality and results of the surgery, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up following the procedure. Besides that we will make sure you can prepare accordingly prior to the surgery, think for example about medicine use, help around the household during the recovery period and buying a supporting sports bra. This way you will know exactly what to expect upfront. To further enhance the results, Clinic Fantozzi will also design a personal after-treatment course for each unique individual.

Total Packages for our International Clients

Clinic Fantozzi has a couple of focus points, amongst which is offering optimal service. This also goes for the total packages we offer to our international clients. With these packages we will arrange your stay in Rome from flight to hotel and of course the surgery itself. We deem it of utmost importance that we can meet your every need and that you can undergo your surgery as carefree as possible. On this page you can find more information about all the services which are included in our total packages. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to reserve a total package, please contact us.

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