Since 2015 team Clinic Fantozzi is reinforced with Tirza van Dam. While Dr. Fantozzi performs the plastic and cosmetic surgeries, Tirza focuses on marketing, public relations and creating international opportunities. Our power as a team thus lies within the ability to combine our skills and strengths, through which we can satisfy all the needs of our clients in the best way possible. We strive to offer optimal service in order to fulfill the individual wishes of each and every one, where the inner beauty is being reflected on the outside. Beauty and health in harmony is our focal point in this process, during which the safety of our clients is always our number one priority. Through our synergy, international orientation and different qualities we hope to reach this. As a team we are continuously working on expanding our knowledge by following trainings and courses in order to keep up with the latest innovations, while always keeping the quality and safety of our procedures in mind.

Tirza van Dam
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Growing up in the Netherlands, I have always been interested in getting to know new cultures and languages and everything which this enrichment can offer. This has led to my choice of studying Language and Culture studies, with a main focus on Portuguese. Being one of the biggest world languages, Portuguese is not only spoken in Portugal but also in a couple of countries in Africa, Macau and in Brazil – the last of which especially intrigued me due to its complicated yet emerging market. From my dad’s side I have however also inherited a passion for numbers and due to this I also decided to take up on a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Economics. My drive to develop myself further on both disciplines brought me to Portugal, where I not only followed a Master’s in International Economics but also got the change to further internalize the Portuguese language and got to know different cultures. I believe this is a true enrichment in the increasingly international world which we live in. Thereafter I moved back to the Netherlands, where I got to work for a renowned cosmetics brand with a main focus in creating international business opportunities. One of my biggest projects there has been to introduce and market another big international cosmetics brand on the Dutch beauty market. is where I have developed my passion for the world of beauty and I am looking forward to start applying my knowledge within Clinic Fantozzi.