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The distinction between those two types of cookies is made to let the user know that none of his personal details will be stored by us in any case. Technical cookies are:
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Contact form – Personal Data Collection

Clinic Fantozzi will receive personal data sent from the contact page form. All the personal data received from you will be stored in our PCs on our hard disks or in cloud storage powered by Dropbox LLC. We will not sell any personal data. We'll use them to provide the customer all the required information.

If you send us your telephone number, we may use it to contact you by phone and we'll erase it after use.

Once used to contact you back with the desired information, all your personal data will be erased from our storage after 20 days.

If you desire to cancel your personal data in our database before the 20 days period, please email us at asking us to remove them.

The personal data officer is Dr. Fabio Fantozzi.