At Clinic Fantozzi we are striving to let you meet your aesthetic wishes and we understand that this is a very personal process. As we truly care about each individual process, we are giving all of our clients a small reminder of this journey. We have chosen to do so in the form a small present which you can always treasure, just like the renewed self-confidence you will gain from proceeding with your surgery. To this end we have asked Eva Heijligers, a renowned Dutch goldsmith, to make a special piece of jewelry for each of our clients who undergo a surgical procedure which represents all of the strong qualities that belong to your constellation. This way we hope you will always remember what you are capable of achieving, as long as you believe in yourself.


Eva graduated from the Vakschool Schoonhoven, the Netherlands as a goldsmith in 2013. After this she immediately started multi-learning about the fascinating subject Jewelry by working as a goldsmith and sales-employee for different jewelers. Now, 2 years later, she started her own company making and designing colorful sunny straps for (sun)glasses by hand. She also custom makes and designs all kinds of jewelry for any occasion. Below you will find some pictures of her beautiful collection, to give you a small impression of her work.

For more information about Eva, you can contact her via:
- Email:
- Facebook: Snoer &Adam
- Instagram: snoer_adam