Laser skin treatments make use of a laser to resurface the skin, which can be used for various purposes. Not only does it improve skin tone, attack hyperpigmentation and reduce wrinkles, it is also very suitable to treat acne, reduce visible capillaries or rosacea, angiomas, tattoo removal, and for depilation of regions where hair growth is undesirable. Under the submenu on this page we will explain more about the functions of laser technique when it comes to skin improvement and hair removal. For more information on the other purposes we would like to invite you for a non-committal consultation with Dr. Fantozzi to explain everything in detail. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us.


During a first non-committal consultation, Dr. Fantozzi will discuss all the different aspects of laser skin treatment. He will discuss your aesthetic wishes and subsequently advise you which method of treatment will let you meet those wishes in the best way possible. Furthermore you will be informed on the results you may expect, possible downtime and temporary limitations after the treatment. You can rest assured that you will always receive honest and professional advice during this consultation.


There exist many different types of laser treatments nowadays, all with different purposes and different results. At Clinic Fantozzi we ensure to keep up with the latest innovations in laser surgery equipment, as to be able to provide the best high-quality results possible in a safe manner. With regards to skin improvement of various skin problems and rejuvenating treatments the laser is deployed to stimulate the skin to the synthesis of collagen, which makes part of the connective tissue. During the process of ageing, the natural cell renewal slows down. Laser treatments give the skin a boost and enables the skin cells to regenerate faster, while it simultaneously renews the surface of the skin. This improves volume and elasticity and restores a youthful appearance. At the same time, the laser will heat the blood in the vessels and the melanin in pigmentation. Due to this rosacea as well as hyperpigmentation or melasma can be treated very effectively.

Treating scars or more specifically scars which emerged after (severe) acne with laser treatment is also very effective. The basic principle is the same, as laser resurfacing works by carefully and in a safe way ‘removing’ the surface of the skin and stimulating the connective tissue to regenerate itself. This tightens the skin and smooths the surface over time. This leads to an even complexion and drastically improves the scar tissue.

When it comes to hair removal treatments, the laser treatment will influence the cycle of hair growth. Hairs that will normally grow one after another, will now come to the surface at the same time through which many hair follicles can be targeted at the same time. Around 2 weeks after the treatment, all the hairs of the treated area will be falling out. The follicles that weren’t yet destroyed will be exposed to the light of the laser again in a follow-up treatment. The results of this treatment are very long-lasting and in some cases even permanent. Laser treatment is usually performed over multiple sessions, depending on the objective of the client and the purpose of the treatment. The extent of this can be determined by Dr. Fantozzi during a non-committal consultation.


During a non-committal consultation, Dr. Fantozzi will inform you on the expected downtime and possible temporary limitations after the laser skin treatment. To secure the quality and results of the treatment, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up following the procedure. In order to further enhance the results, Clinic Fantozzi will also design a personal after-treatment course for each unique individual if desired.

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