The main purpose of reconstructive plastic surgery is to repair deformities caused by  accidents, diseases or genetic disorders. In fact this is the oldest form of plastic surgery and has as its primary objective that of reducing, as far as possible, both the physical and psychological effects of the problem by giving the patient a more ‘normal’ appearance and thus raising their self-esteem. Dr. Fantozzi’s will to help people achieve their aesthetic wishes, has made him a leading surgeon when it comes to reconstructive surgery. In the following menu you can find more information on facial reconstructive surgery. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us.


A first consultation is very important in the case of facial reconstructive surgery, since each deformity has unique characteristics. Upon this non-committal consultation, Dr. Fantozzi will discuss your aesthetic wishes and the possibilities, subsequently he will advise which procedure is the best fit for you. Furthermore you will be informed on the results you may expect, possible downtime and temporary limitations after the surgery. You can rest assured that you will always receive honest and professional advice during this consultation. If it proves necessary, we will also design a personal after-treatment course for each unique individual.


Each deformity has unique characteristics, which requires an equally unique surgical procedure. To this end it is very hard to provide specific information on this page. Clinic Fantozzi’s team will often work on a pro-bono basis on cases of facial reconstructive surgery, with the only expense being that of the operating theatre itself. You can however rest assured that Dr. Fantozzi and his highly-skilled team will make no concessions with regards to the quality and safety of each of these procedures.


During the consultation Dr. Fantozzi will inform you on the expected down-time and temporary limitations after the face reconstructive procedure, as the extent of this will depend on the deformity and the selected method of surgery. To secure the quality and results of the surgery, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up following the procedure. To further enhance the results Clinic Fantozzi will also design a personal after-treatment course for each unique individual in case this proves necessary.

Total Packages for our International Clients

Clinic Fantozzi has a couple of focus points, amongst which is offering optimal service. This also goes for the total packages we offer to our international clients. With these packages we will arrange your stay in Rome from flight to hotel and of course the surgery itself. We deem it of utmost importance that we can meet your every need and that you can undergo your surgery as carefree as possible. On this page you can find more information about all the services which are included in our total packages. In case you would like our professional advice or if you would like to reserve a total package, please contact us.

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